Public Gas Corporation –DEPA, Greece

Mr. Theodoros Kitsakos was born in Athens in 1953.

He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and is specialized in Industrial Chemistry.

During his 34-year successful international career (including 27 years within the British Petroleum Group), he has worked as Managing Director and Sales & Marketing Manager in Petrochemicals and in Industrial Chemistry. He has worked in Greece and abroad, more specifically, in Europe and Emerging markets (Turkey, Middle East, and Northern Africa).

He also has an extensive experience as Project Leader of projects of international strategic importance in the energy sector.

Moreover, Mr. Kitsakos is also specialized and actively involved (amongst other issues) in matters regarding geopolitics, energy diplomacy, research and management of hydrocarbons, as well as in oil and chemical industry.

He is fluent in various languages. Mr. Kitsakos is married and has one son.